Spotted Or Heard An Owl Recently?

Seen or heard an owls recently, please do let us know. Part of our work is looking at our Owl populations and monitoring them enabling us to build a better picture of where they are, where they’re not and their behaviour. We then use this information in formulating our habitat plans.

What Information do I need to take note of?

We need to know where the owls are and when. 

The Where:

  • The where can be difficult if you can only hear and not see the owl.  Note where you are, and then approximately in which direction the owl is calling from North, South, East or West of your position. Then roughly estimate how far away from you the owl is e.g. 10m, 50m over 100m, over 300m etc
  • If you can give us any extra information, that would great – e.g. you know which group of trees its calling from or from which tree etc.
  • If you see the Owl, this is much easier.  If it is static then give us its location; if it is on the wing, then just let us know how far away it was from you and in which direction and also, if you can, in which direction it was flying.
  • Let us know whether its male or female, or may be you have heard chicks calling. Not sure, then visit our British Owls Page to listen to the calls.

The When:

  • The date and time of your owl encounter
  • Knowing what the weather is, can be useful to us also. Was it wet or dry, windy or still, cloudy or clear, warm, cold or freezing.

How do I work out where I am?

You can use “what3words” or OS grid reference or Google maps or equivalent.

How do I report what I have heard or seen?

This couldn’t be simpler. Just complete the “Owl Sightings Data Form” below with as much information as possible and then submit. We look forward to hearing from you with your information.

Owl Sightings Data Form

If you would like to send us images of the owls or sound files, then please send these via email along with your full name so we can match the data together.