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The British Owl Project

There is nothing more beautiful than to watch a Barn Owl floating silently across a meadow hunting. To hear the haunting call of Tawny Owls. To look into the determined glare of a Little Owl. To witness the amazing sight of a Short Eared Owl’s courtship flight. To look into the dynamic orange stare of a Long Eared Owl.

The British Owl Project works in the conservation of UK Owls through surveying, habitat restoration, expansion and networking, citizen science and education enabling the increased understanding of and connection with these amazing birds.

We would like to offer YOU the opportunity to be involved in Owl Conservation and species research. Whether you have been involved in conservation in the past or would like to start now.

Love Owls?

Why not come and learn about them, help with the study of these amazing birds, help with the conservation. Come on in and see what we do, who we work with and how you can join in! 

Owl Conservation

Citizen Science including surveying, data collection, habitat restoration and enlargement, box installation and monitoring.

Workshops & Courses

Hands on single session workshops, courses and training sessions (online and in person). Bespoke content for groups, schools etc.

All About British Owls

Learn all about our native owls. The different species we have here, how to identify them, the sounds they make and much more.

News & Events

Keep up to date with all our news and events.

Barn Owl Box
Long Eared Owl
Barn Owl in Tree Trunk
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Spotted Or Heard An Owls Recently?

If so, we would love to hear about it for our research!

Owls are an indicator and umbrella species and their presence and population size is an indication of the health and balance of their ecosystem and its biodiversity.

Part of our work is looking at our Owl populations and monitoring them enabling us to build a better picture of where they are, where they’re not and their behaviour. We then use this information in formulating our habitat plans.


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We hope you have enjoyed your visit to our website and will come again – Please do support us and the work we are doing by leaving a donation before you go.  All donations go straight to the heart of our work whether paying for our ringers rings for the owl chicks, paying for the materials to build and maintain the owl boxes, all the way through to the bigger habitat restoration aspects of the project, every penny counts. Thank You